Worship Sunday August 27, 2023: Comfort Me


From:  Dan Sexton, Board President

In response to the frightening incident that occurred at All Peoples Church on Wednesday we have made arrangements for a special Worship Service tomorrow, August 27, 2023, for the congregation:

Comfort Me
The Reverend Charlie Dieterich, UU Trauma Response Ministry, will lead us in a service of comfort and recovery.

Rev. Charlie Dieterich is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister living in Kingston, New Jersey.  He appears courtesy of the Unitarian Universalist Trauma Response Ministry,  UUTRM.ORG, an all volunteer organization serving Unitarian Universalist congregations in times of trauma.  

In addition to the Sunday service tomorrow, Rev. Dieterich has provided some online resources from the UU Trauma Response Ministry that you may find useful.



These are both from UU Trauma Response Ministry’s https://www.uutrm.org/resources/ page.

We hope all church members and friends will be able to attend and we look forward to seeing you.