Family-Style Religious Education Programming

For children and youth, rather than a structured, sequential curriculum we invite the whole family to participate in rotating session formats. We will have a rotating format by week for Elementary, Middle School, and High School during the Religious Education hour. Adults may join their children or youth, or participate in another aspect of our morning programming. Our nursery is open during worship for children under 8 and during the RE hour for children not participating in scheduled curriculum. We also plan to have hangouts & games nights for youth outside of Sunday mornings. 

First SundaysGather the Spirit We’ll explore myriad ways of expressing spirituality.

Pictures of a chalice, labyrinth, stones, candles, and tarot cards on a grey background. Beige text states: All Peoples Children and Youth Religious Exploration, First Sunday: Gather the Spirit

Second Sundays Song Sung Sunday. We’ll sing and listen to songs, including the story behind the music. Musical notes, rainbows, dancing figures & a disco ball on a blue background. Text states: "All Peoples Church Children & Youth RE 9:45 AM, Second Sunday is Song Sung Sunday; we'll sing, spin some tunes, and explore the story behind the music."

Third Sundays Explorations into Unitarian Universalist heritage as well as science and the natural world. 

Gears, a light bulb, a magnet, and flasks on a multicolored background. The text states: All Peoples Children & Youth Religious Education; Third Sunday: Explorations, 9:45 AM"


Fourth Sundays And Now, for Something Completely Different. We’ll nurture a sense of play and joy which are important aspects of resilience and spiritual development. 

A pineapple wearing sunglasses, paper airplanes, origami cranes, pictures of papermaking, and a "reuse" logo on a yellow background. The text states: "All Peoples Children & Youth Religious Education, Fourth Sunday: And Now for Something Completely Different"