Adult Religious Exploration
Adults may choose between the Adult RE offerings listed below, including Adventures in Religion, or, accompanying their children or youth to Family-Style Religious Education. For all ages, we will explore an overarching monthly Soul Matters theme in Religious Education as well as in Worship.

All classes begin at 9:45am on Sunday.

Our rotating classes currently include:

First Sundays: Unitarian Universalist Ethics
Following the curriculum What We Choose we will consider our guiding principles for moral decisions and examine how we each individually decide what is right. We’ll also apply our learnings to case studies.

Second Sundays: Social Justice
We explore a variety of timely topics, sometimes with guest speakers, concerning social and environmental justice.

Third Sundays: Spirit in Practice

Spirit In Practice offers an introduction to eight spheres of holistic & wholehearted spiritual practice. We approach spiritual practices from a pluralistic and interfaith perspective. We approach each person’s spirituality with curiosity, wonder and mutual respect.

Fourth Sundays: Journeys

We will take time to engage our individual spiritual life, hear each others’ stories and build deeper connections with one another, using the monthly Soul Matters theme.

Every Sunday:

Adventures in Religion
We explore world religions. We are currently discussing What Everyone Should Know about Islam
and Muslims, by Suzanne Haneef.