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Breaking the Heart Open—
 a Move to Spiritual Wholeness

The 8th principle calls Unitarian Universalists on a journey toward spiritual wholeness through accountable, anti-racist and anti-oppressive action. Ethicist Walter Earl Fluker characterizes spirituality as an action and further states, “In its active, dynamic expression, spirituality is life-generating and disfiguring.” This type of dynamic spirituality … read more.

The Lens of Faith

I have come to understand the religious life as looking at the world through the lens of a telescope or a microscope. Join me as I identify some of the things in my lens of faith that I find inspiring and sustaining.

Ingathering—Water Communion and T-Shirt Day!

It’s time for our water communion and a new twist this year—T-shirt Day. Please wear a T-shirt supporting a cause near and dear to you. Water will be available, and when you add water to the All Peoples Church waters, tell us a few sentences … read more.

Comfort Me

Rev Charlie Dieterich, UU Trauma Response Ministry, will lead us in a service of comfort and recovery. Tina Harmuth will be our co-celebrant.

Music to Live by

An experimental service using pop & rock music to find inspiration and spiritual guidance using chart toppers of various genres. As an experiment we would love you to attend and give feedback as to the success of the format.

Of The Light and The Lightkeepers

Humanity has always been invested in, one might even say obsessed with, Light in all its applications and dimensions. Why? And if we regard ourselves, as it seems we do, as custodians of the Light what does that mean? These are tangled questions. I have … read more.