Topic: Community

Living Water: Reaching the Margins with Love

Today, we gather to reflect on a story of profound transformation—Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan Woman at the well. This moment of connection and healing exemplifies love and acceptance that transcend all boundaries. In a world marked by division and isolation, especially in the aftermath of Covid, this message is more relevant than ever. I … Continue reading Living Water: Reaching the Margins with Love

I Won’t Sit Down

We made great strides for freedom many times during America’s history—each time resting on our accomplishments. It’s time to renew our commitment to demanding equal freedoms for everyone.

Seeking the Divine(s)

Lindsay Boyer says, “We live in a culture in which many of us are increasingly exposed to faith traditions other than the ones with which we grew up. Once we become knowledgeable about other faiths, we are unlikely to have the same prejudices we may have learned as children. We see that people of other … Continue reading Seeking the Divine(s)

The Dawn of Post-Pride Parenthood

The term Happy Mother’s Day has been changing for decades and, Post-Pride, we are seeing a rapid shift from traditional definitions of motherhood and toward a broader, more inclusive understanding of what it means to be a parent.

Let’s Meet in the Middle

We don’t have to accept that “this is just how it is.” Instead, we can cultivate a hopeful community beyond either/or. In the land of both/and, we can join hands and be the dream we long for.

The House of Many Creeds

Unitarian Universalism by general consensus is located on the liberal end of the religious continuum. Now just what is that supposed to mean?