Topic: Community

Let’s Meet in the Middle

We don’t have to accept that “this is just how it is.” Instead, we can cultivate a hopeful community beyond either/or. In the land of both/and, we can join hands and be the dream we long for.

The House of Many Creeds

Unitarian Universalism by general consensus is located on the liberal end of the religious continuum. Now just what is that supposed to mean?

An Infinitely Ordinary Day

Donella Meadows said, “No one can define or measure justice, democracy, security, freedom, truth, or love. No one can define or measure any value. But if no one speaks up for them, if systems aren’t designed to produce them, if we don’t speak about them … read more.

Strong Congregations

When I said that I have visited more than forty UU congregations, someone asked me what I saw as common elements among them. I’ll share some of what I’ve seen and learned.

Daniel Polk serves as Executive Director of NTUUC—North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations.