Topic: Evangelism

Strong Congregations

When I said that I have visited more than forty UU congregations, someone asked me what I saw as common elements among them. I’ll share some of what I’ve seen and learned.

Daniel Polk serves as Executive Director of NTUUC—North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations.

What They Dreamed be Ours to Do

We sing #358 “Rank by Rank” mostly at ordinations and installations to remind ourselves of our religious ancestors. We are reminded that we are held accountable by the cloud of witnesses that have gone on before us. It is good to be reminded of the … read more.

The Church Of The Orthodox Heretic

Mark is a 3rd generation UU now living and working in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He has served UU congregations in Las Cruces NM as well as Oklahoma City where he was born and raised. Prior to Mark’s work in ministry he spent 20 years working in … read more.

The Lesser God

Lori King-Nelson is a cradle-roll Disciple, growing up in Fort Worth First Christian Church—the church her family has called home since 1917. Lori is a member of Pastors for Texas Children, and is active in the DOC community, filling the pulpit in area Disciples churches, … read more.