Topic: Inspiring

The importance of Thinking for Ourselves

On the anniversary of Sophia Lyon Fahs’ death we contemplate her gift of teaching and writing focused on a method of experiential learning that she hoped would enable children to develop their own ideas about religion and spirituality.

The Love We Make…

Love has broader implications than just determining how we behave in our individual relationships; love is a belief that all people deserve freedom from oppression.

What Justice Looks Like

We want to be peacemakers and we want to work for justice, not only in our own communities, but in ever expanding circles. Often, however, it is hard to know what specific task to which we are called and how we are supposed to create … read more.

The Lens of Faith

I have come to understand the religious life as looking at the world through the lens of a telescope or a microscope. Join me as I identify some of the things in my lens of faith that I find inspiring and sustaining.

Ingathering—Water Communion and T-Shirt Day!

It’s time for our water communion and a new twist this year—T-shirt Day. Please wear a T-shirt supporting a cause near and dear to you. Water will be available, and when you add water to the All Peoples Church waters, tell us a few sentences … read more.