Speaker: PhD.

Let’s Meet in the Middle

We don’t have to accept that “this is just how it is.” Instead, we can cultivate a hopeful community beyond either/or. In the land of both/and, we can join hands and be the dream we long for.

Becoming Better

Do you have people in your life who urge you to be better, to do better? What tools of transformation do you find helpful? This week’s sermon uses an often neglected story to invite us into the process of transformation.

The House of Many Creeds

Unitarian Universalism by general consensus is located on the liberal end of the religious continuum. Now just what is that supposed to mean?

What Justice Looks Like

We want to be peacemakers and we want to work for justice, not only in our own communities, but in ever expanding circles. Often, however, it is hard to know what specific task to which we are called and how we are supposed to create … read more.

Mystery: Always on the Move

Continual change is a constant in our lives, and yet, we often are surprised to discover that what we want to be the same, never is. The Hindu story of Ganesha and the New Testament story of Jesus on the road to Emmaus invite us … read more.

Of The Light and The Lightkeepers

Humanity has always been invested in, one might even say obsessed with, Light in all its applications and dimensions. Why? And if we regard ourselves, as it seems we do, as custodians of the Light what does that mean? These are tangled questions. I have … read more.

Prayer, Why Bother?

Since the dawn of religion Prayer has been and remains a common feature of all faiths. Why do we pray? Is Someone listening? What, if anything, does prayer accomplish? These are a few of the persistently annoying questions. This is an attempt to pose some … read more.

Free and Responsible?

Too often in our busy and complex world, we incorrectly think that freedom is about having a wide array of choices. And yet, sometimes these same choices do not signal freedom but rather attachment, its own kind of limitation. So, what does it mean to … read more.