Maintaining Sanity: Spiritual Tips for Daily Life

You may be able to relate to a meme that’s been going around on social media that states—“My desire to stay well informed is at odds with my desire to stay sane.” With the news filled with stories of gun violence, racial injustices, limited access to women’s healthcare, and the attack on our planet, how can we stay educated and informed without falling into a state of hopelessness and depression? How do we work to restore our peace so that we can stay grounded and be our best in the world? In this sermon, worship leader Laura Wooten will help you identify and commit to daily practices that combat the tensions of the world.

Laura Wooten is a life-long seeker, always interested in trying new things–from taking singing lessons (still can’t stay on pitch) to testing the waters as a standup comic (ummm, it’s hard), to preaching (you be the judge). She’s been a UU since 1997 and serves in a variety of volunteer roles at Horizon UU Church in Carrollton.

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