Topic: Building Community

Let’s Meet in the Middle

We don’t have to accept that “this is just how it is.” Instead, we can cultivate a hopeful community beyond either/or. In the land of both/and, we can join hands and be the dream we long for.

White Space and Invisible Ghettos

Elijah Anderson writes, “Since the end of the Civil Rights Movement, large numbers of black people have made their way into settings previously occupied only by whites, though their reception has been mixed. Overwhelmingly white neighborhoods, schools, workplaces, restaurants, and other public spaces remain. Black … read more.

Strong Congregations

When I said that I have visited more than forty UU congregations, someone asked me what I saw as common elements among them. I’ll share some of what I’ve seen and learned.

Daniel Polk serves as Executive Director of NTUUC—North Texas Unitarian Universalist Congregations.

The Love We Make…

Love has broader implications than just determining how we behave in our individual relationships; love is a belief that all people deserve freedom from oppression.

Radical Generosity

The challenge of becoming a reservoir of generosity that promises love and liberation for our most marginalized communities. Where do we start?

What Justice Looks Like

We want to be peacemakers and we want to work for justice, not only in our own communities, but in ever expanding circles. Often, however, it is hard to know what specific task to which we are called and how we are supposed to create … read more.

What They Dreamed be Ours to Do

We sing #358 “Rank by Rank” mostly at ordinations and installations to remind ourselves of our religious ancestors. We are reminded that we are held accountable by the cloud of witnesses that have gone on before us. It is good to be reminded of the … read more.