Topic: Change

Becoming Better

Do you have people in your life who urge you to be better, to do better? What tools of transformation do you find helpful? This week’s sermon uses an often neglected story to invite us into the process of transformation.

Burning Bowl

A member led service in observance of the New Year. We’ll reflect on the past year and prepare to move forward into 2024. The service will include a ritual to symbolically release and leave behind past regrets while honoring our need to be steadfast and … read more.

Radical Generosity

The challenge of becoming a reservoir of generosity that promises love and liberation for our most marginalized communities. Where do we start?

What Justice Looks Like

We want to be peacemakers and we want to work for justice, not only in our own communities, but in ever expanding circles. Often, however, it is hard to know what specific task to which we are called and how we are supposed to create … read more.

What They Dreamed be Ours to Do

We sing #358 “Rank by Rank” mostly at ordinations and installations to remind ourselves of our religious ancestors. We are reminded that we are held accountable by the cloud of witnesses that have gone on before us. It is good to be reminded of the … read more.