Topic: Guidance

De Profundis

Oscar Wilde wrote, “Suffering is one very long moment. We cannot divide it by seasons. We can only record its moods, and chronicle their return.”
How to remain hopeful when we find ourselves overwhelmed by the weight of suffering in the world.

Becoming Better

Do you have people in your life who urge you to be better, to do better? What tools of transformation do you find helpful? This week’s sermon uses an often neglected story to invite us into the process of transformation.

What They Dreamed be Ours to Do

We sing #358 “Rank by Rank” mostly at ordinations and installations to remind ourselves of our religious ancestors. We are reminded that we are held accountable by the cloud of witnesses that have gone on before us. It is good to be reminded of the … read more.

The Lens of Faith

I have come to understand the religious life as looking at the world through the lens of a telescope or a microscope. Join me as I identify some of the things in my lens of faith that I find inspiring and sustaining.

Music to Live by

An experimental service using pop & rock music to find inspiration and spiritual guidance using chart toppers of various genres. As an experiment we would love you to attend and give feedback as to the success of the format.